Vefemin : The Next Big Thing In The Woman’s Hair Oil

When it comes to using a hair oil I’ve used quite a lot of varieties ranging from Coconut to Amla and a lot many more. Sometimes even with adding a few drops of essential oils as required. Each of them affect hair in their own way. One brand that I am caught up these days is the Vefemin Woman’s Hair Oil. As I move forward with writing this post you will get to know how it’s different from quite a lot of other hair oils.


Vefemin woman’s Hair Oil is the next big thing in the woman’s hair oil because it is an oil curated with 10 Nutroactives. This is the product meant to stop hair fall and making the scalp and hair strong. It is a combination of 12 different pure cold pressed oils.


Argan Kernal Oil, Macadamia nut oil, Kukui nut oil, Rose hip seed oil, Boabab seed oil, Jojoba seed oil, Walnut Kernal Oil, Almond Seed Oil, Grape seed oil, Linseed oil, Neem Leaf oil, Sesame seed oil, Tocopheryl acetate, Vitamin F Forte, Fragrance.


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This 100ml bottle of this oil can cost you 590.00 INR and you can get it from Amazon or any other major shopping website.


I really like how this oil is packed in a pump bottle. Pump makes oil easy to remove and the process is totally mess free. There is absolutely no wastage of oil when the pump is in use.


It’s been almost 15 days I am using this hair oil. This is has definitely worked on my scalp. My hair is dandruff free and has got a healthy look. When scalp is healthy the hair is healthy. This oil has managed to reach my hair goals I can say. The combination of different cold pressed oils has worked for my hair and would highly recommend anyone who have issues dealing with hair. I love the fact that this oil is completely non sticky and doesn’t end up making hair sticky which I am sure nobody likes. I am using this product thrice a week and has helped my hair a lot. The price too affordable when the product works for you. I would totally recommend this one for sure.


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Top 5 Travel Makeup Kit Essentials

Travel is an integral part of our lives be it leisure or business. With travel comes the hassles of packing outfits, accessories, and of course makeup. When it comes to packing makeup we end up keeping unnecessary too many makeup product which we rarely or do not at all use during trips. We are often confused which product to carry when we think of traveling light.

I have listed the top 5 travel makeup kit essential which should be carried with a doubt and I bet you packing these together is totally hassle free. Carry these 5 together and you are good to go.


For those who don’t like going bare skin Foundation is a must carry product one must have in the makeup travel kit. You can buy small size bottles and specially keep it for your travel trips. When it comes to the coverage of the foundation light to medium coverage is best suited for travel.


Eye makeup simply is incomplete without a dose of good mascara. Mascara not only make eyes look beautiful but also adds volume to the lashes and make eyes appear big.


Blushes are another must haves in the travel makeup kit. Blush enhances the whole look by adding the glow to your cheeks. Also blush can also be doubled up as an eye shadow and you don’t need to carry those extra eye shadow palettes.

Compact Powder

A good compact powder must be carried in the travel makeup kit. Powder surely adds a lot to skin making it look flawless. Make sure the shade matches your skin.


Carry 3 to 4 shades like nudes, mauves and bold red into your kit. You can wear nudes and mauves during the day time and can wear red for the night out. These are the safest shades to carry and doesn’t require more.

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